Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baking with a Friend

I am taking photography classes at George Brown College. They are quite fun, interesting and a bit different from my baking classes. I actually have assignments to do and next class I am going to write a final test!! So, the last assignment was supposed to be a Story. Something that has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. What could I do? It was very obvious: baking. So, I asked my best friend to come over, have some patience, and bake cookies with me. Patience was the key, since she had to pose for some of the pictures and I am a beginner with photography (I've only had my camera for 2 months).

And this is a result:

A recipe shot

My friend reading a recipe... Well, not really reading, but moving her finger pretending to be reading the recipe... for about 10 minutes!


My friend putting an apron on... another 10 minutes

Sugars and butter in a mixing bowl

My trusty KitchenAid mixer at work... If you look closely, you'll see that is actually working and the paddle is moving

And another shot of my mixer working. Can you see the paddle moving?

Ok, to get this shot she had to crack an egg and then put it back into the shell a few times... Well, that or cracking quite a few eggs... We decided to cheat :)

Sifting the flour

Still sifting the flour

Mixing in the chocolate chips

Scooping out the cookie dough

And a shot of the scooped out cookie dough... I needed about 20 pictures
for this assignment, so I shot everything I could think of.

Putting the cookie sheets into the oven... For about 10 minutes (in and out) to get this shot!

Cookies in the oven... Working on getting 20 pictures!

Cookies almost done in the oven

Getting the cookies onto a rack...

Cookies on a rack... Cookie heaven! I like this picture even though it is quite yellow, I think it's very nice.

Pouring some tea, this is I think a fourth cup... again, just to get this shot!

And the final product!!!

The cookies turned out really good. They kept very well. After 6 days they were still soft and moist. The whole experience was also interesting and fun and a little bit frustrating. I was really disappointed with my lighting in the kitchen. Some pictures were really yellow and for some I needed a ridiculously long Shutter Speed just to get a proper exposure, that's why most of the pictures had to be shot using a tripod and that interfered with my creativity a little bit. But all in all it was a fun experience and my friend was really 
supportive and patient.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Alena said...

Юля, thank you for the interesting post. I know how taking pictures can be frustrating! But I think you got a couple of really nice shots.

Were you allowed to alter the pictures in photoshop?

SweetLady said...

Thank you! Well, we could alter them but it wasn't incouraged. I actually made all of them a bit ligher, since I find my camer underexposes almost every picture, but I am not too good with photoshop either. Actually, my next course is going to be about Digital Imaging and Manipulation or something like this.

Clara said...

you had a very nice best friend to help you with your assignment. i'm sure she enjoyed her time (not to mention the cookies!!) and had fun while being there! ;)

Katerina said...

I enjoy your blog - what happened to the posts? How did your photography class turn out?

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